April 2, 2022

Slot's RTP at New Casinos: What to Keep in Mind

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Return to Player is an essential aspect of any casino game that players tend to often look over. Return to Player, typically denoted by a percentage, refers to the average amount of money that will be returned to the player after numerous spins or turns. 

Slot's RTP at New Casinos: What to Keep in Mind

It also determines the long-term profitability and variance of games in online casinos, hence it is best that players are knowledgeable about the RTP's of any casino games before playing.

How does an RTP work?

The RTP of a slot can range from as low 88% to as high as 99%. Generally anything below 93% is considered to be low RTP, but these games make up for the low RTP by having special bonus prizes. An average RTP of online slots is mostly around 96%, and can go up to 99% which is the maximum available RTP for a slot. 

These numbers are come up by slot providers by simulating millions of spins. In most jurisdictions, it is required by law that these numbers are published for every online casino game.

What to keep in mind about RTPs

Another value to keep in mind while playing in online casinos is the house edge. House edge and the RTP basically refer to two different components of the same system. While RTP is used to display the average expected returns to the player, house edge is used to display the expected profit on a game for the casino. 

House edge is also denoted by a percentage, but it usually ranges from 0.5% to 5%. This varies depending on the type of game. Blackjack typically has the lowest house edge whereas roulette wheels with double zeroes tend to have a significantly higher house edge.

How RTPs affect online casino slots

The RTP of any slot can be found on the information section of the slot in the online casino. For table games, the house edge can be found in the information section as well but they're generally consistent for all casinos since table games don't vary a lot, unlike slots. 

Lots of online casinos offer deposit bonuses to both new and ongoing customers. These deposit bonuses typically come with wagering requirements attached to them. Playing on a slot with high RTP value can sustain this balance for longer periods of time, and the player can get maximum enjoyment. It also helps to complete any wagering requirements attached to bonus cash offered by casinos.

Final words

One might be curious as to why any player would play on a slot with lower RTP. There may be many reasons but one of them is that slots with lower RTP tend to have higher variance. These slots cater to more risk-taking bettors that want to see the bigger casino hits. 

Slots with lower RTP will mainly offer high maximum potential for a win than higher RTP slots. Hence, the type of slots a player would play highly depends on their risk-taking nature. Learning about the various mathematical workings of a casino game such as RTP and house edge can accentuate the playing experience of a customer in an online casino. This allows one to make more informed choices about the choice of games and live wagering action a casino has to offer.

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